GAGMAX Packaging Supply
Website | Facebook Page | Email: rustikb2basic@gmail.com
Address: Capri Oasis Maybunga Pasig City Metro Manila Philippines
Telephone / Landline / Contact Number: 0947 170 4714
About Us: Selling Glass Jar best for business like yema spread, gourmet tuyo, chili oil, bagoong, atchara, cheesecake in a jar etc.

M7471 Pimiento Jar 4oz - 12.50
M7177 Generic Packer's Jar 8oz - 13.00
M7234 Wide Mouth Jar 9oz - 20.50
M7154 Multi-Purpose Jar 10oz - 21.50
FJ88 Glass Jar 150ml - 15.50/pc
... or more jars visit or facebook or website
Also Available Bubble Wrap 40" P18/mtr and 52" P20/mtr

We ship nationwide and we have COD for Metro Manila and Rizal (with delivery fee)

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