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About: During its infancy, the Cebu YMCA operated in rented rooms and houses. The first office was located on what is now the Filomelia Building on corner Magallanes and Borromeo Sts. Later, it transferred to a wooden building on corner Borromeo and Carmelo ( now P. Lopez sts.)
The third office of the local YMCA was on a nipa house on Colon St. where the university of the Visayas campus now stands. From Colon Sts., the office was again transferred to the residence of Atty. Alfredo Deen and occupied the entire third floor. Here, sports and recreational facilities were put up- a bowling alley, a billiard table, a playroom plus the office of the organization.

From Deen’s house, the functions of the organization was once more transferred to a smaller house, rented at P50.00 a month, along Jones Avenue beside where the site of the Bureau of Mines building is presently located. It had a dormitory, billiard hall, social hall and 2 bowling alleys.

It was in this location that Mr. Nicanor E. Santos, prominent businessman and citizen of Cebu, took over the presidency of the Cebu YMCA. His election was a unique one. He became President by only one vote because when the election was held nobody, except one, came to attend the election-meeting.

When Nic Santos took over the helm of Cebu YMCA, it was not accepted by the community with enthusiasm. Cebu’s populace shunned from entering the YMCA building due to the then existing religious conflict prevailing at the time. In spite of the obstacles encountered, the YMCA continued to forge ahead its programs with emphasis on youth development.

In 1941, before the outbreak of World War II, Santos undaunted by the adverse attitude by some members of Cebu’s community, made negotiations with the Vice-President Sergio Osmeña, Sr. to sell his property to the YMCA, the elder Osmeña sold his building and lot to Mr. Santos for P 11,000.00 and in turn. Mr. Santos sold it to Cebu YMCA at the same price.

When the war broke out, the work and mission of the Cebu YMCA was brought to a standstill. For a time, the old YMCA building on Jones Avenue was occupied by the U.S Army as one of their headquarters.

Right after the end of the war, YMCA resumed operations in 1945 with Mr. Santos still at the helm. From there, the work of the YMCA, particularly its youth development programs, made tremendous strides and waas now accepted by the community.

Membership of the local YMCA tremendously increased after the postwar period. With the urgent need to raise an improve its service facilities, the Board of Directors composed of Nicanor E, Santos, President, Jose Gallofin, Vice –President, Mariano M. Ilano, Treasurer, and Jose Chavarria, Alfred Deen, Pedro guiang, L.D. Harrisn, Manuel Palacio, Rafael M. Ramos, Luis Rodriguez, John J. Schaberg, Sing Ging Su, Simeon Sy, Tirso Uytengsu, and Domingo Veloso, Directors, decided to construct a bigger YMCA building.

With the aid of $60.00 from the “World Youth Fund”, of the YMCA’s of the United States and Canada, the Board began laying out the plans to construct a P 210,000.00 building. Under the supervision of Engrs. Jose Chavarria And Augusto P. Santos and Architect Jose P. Ruiz, who rendered their services free, the present building was constructed and finished in 10 months.

The realization of what is now the YMCA of Cebu, Inc.Building was mainly the fruit of the untiring efforts and thankless devotion of Nicanor E. Santos. With the help of YMCA lay leaders who unselfishly responded the call of assistance financially and materially.

From a humble beginning, the YMCA of Cebu, Inc. in its 82 years, had already made a permanent landmark in the life of community that it has served. With the untiring efforts and sacrificial services of its present leadership and of its pioneers, the enless mission of the Young Men’s Christian Association will never falter as long as there are people whose hearts are stout and brave enough to serve others without counting the cost.

In 1976, the YMCA of Cebu organized its 1st Branch in Tacloban City. It was a gift to the 50th Anniversary of Cebu YMCA. In 1991 and 1996, the YMCA’s of Ormoc and Talisay were organized as branches of Cebu YMCA. Today, these YMCA’s of Ormoc and Talisay were organized as branches of Cebu YMCA. Today, these YMCA’s have their own lot and building which serves as their offices, Day care Center and Skills training Center. In 1998, with the support of Honolulu YMCA and a Workcamper, Jim Knapp from Oregon, USA, the Cebu YMCA Dental Health care Center was built. Through these benefactors, 1000 school Children avail a free dental treatment an care from a group of 5 volunteer Dental team Headed by Dr. Alan Gabato.